Buttons are made in standard international sizes with classic surface treatment.

The upper part of the metal button is made as embossed from brass or zinc sheet, the bottom part is made from steel sheet plated mostly with brass. Into the metal sheet there is steel handle passed. Subsequently, the two parts are into one another pressed thus permanently connected. 


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The most commonly used surface treatment 

metal staining – gold, old gold, old silver, patina, old copper

color staining – brown

plating with precious metals – gold Au , silver Ag, tin Sn (platinum color)


Major product lines 

Uniform Buttons – Fire Brigade, Prison Administration, Board of Customs, Police (Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Germany and Austria)
uniformni skupina


Fashion metal buttons 

modni skupina

Filigree buttons 

filigranove skupina

Historical metal buttons – such as military Uniform buttons of armies in the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Czech Republic - " First Republic", the Royal Danish Navy buttons, heraldic buttons and buttons of armorial defunct associations

historicke skupina

Other metal accessories – textile labels, tourist signs on sticks, etc.